About Us

About Us

Our firm Physio International was rooted in 2010 and has become one of the renowned Manufacturers and Suppliers of an exclusive range of Physiotherapy and Fitness products. We supply one of the widest ranges of Physiotherapy and Fitness products and are continuously developing and evaluating new products based on new technologies. As a well-known firm in the domain, we offer aesthetically superior and functionally-efficient range of product, which includes Short Wave Diathermy Equipment, Ultrasonic Equipment, Traction Therapy Equipment & Beds, Continuous Passive Motion Equipment, Electro and Laser Therapy, and more. These products are an essential part of each and every Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation centre.

Our products are used in hospitals and clinics for a check-up and performing an operation for patients injuries and diseases. In a similar way, Physiotherapy Equipment is used during exercises which are normally performed on patients suffering health ailments by therapists to help them with the problems of irregular motor functions and other physical conditions. People recovering from surgery, injuries and other disabilities are also advised to go through physiotherapy. Today, our well furnished, durable products are extremely recommendable by medical professionals and therapist because of their specific design, corrosion resistance nature, and rigid infrastructure. We make an effort to provide with the highest quality of products in the most responsible manner.

Key Traits of Our equipment that are Designed and Tested Industry Best Professionals

Our well-accomplished ranges of Physiotherapy and Fitness products are finely designed and tested by prominent engineers, technicians, medical professionals and skilled designers, assuring safety and comfort of patient or user at prior. These products are having following characteristics which make them ideal and easy to use:
  • Outstanding quality Products are designed and patterned to offer high-quality performance at customers end. These products have gone through several layers of testing under the direction of professionals before being launched in the market.
  • Rigid structure Solid structure of these products make them enduring and reliable to use throughout the time of operation and also increases the lifespan of equipment.
  • Exact specifications Detailed specifications are measured during the period of designing and fabrication to assure desired results while operating the equipment.
  • Easy to install and operate The product range offered by us is easy to install, along with this, they are also easy to operate at the client location. These medical equipment manufactured by us required less maintenance as well. 

Our Future scope

As technology continues to progress exponentially, we, Physio International, are at the urge to enter the new era of advancement. To offer large-scale production, we will dominate some segments of innovative manufacturing models and agile manufacturing techniques to take advantages of new opportunities. Our growth potential of adopting a scale-and-scope role can be further enhanced by pursuing advance growth strategies.

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